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Program Consultant - Gabel Associates

Through a competitive process, Gabel Associates was selected to serve as the Consultant/Administrator of the ACES program.  The firm has served this role for over 15 years and works side by side with the sponsoring organizations to support the administration of the program through its long standing energy expertise. The firm’s complementary service offerings and established energy knowledge make Gabel Associates an ideal match to support the ACES program.

Located in central New Jersey, Gabel Associates is an energy consulting firm that specializes in the New Jersey marketplace.  For over 22 years, the firm has provided strategic consulting support around various energy issues, including the implementation of innovative energy programs to reduce costs and enhance environmental quality.  Through our role with ACES, we have gained a strong understanding on the challenges facing school districts.  The firm uses this knowledge to provide districts with customized support that seeks to maximize energy savings and provide budgetary relief.

The firm and its professional resources extensive expertise in energy procurement and sustainability initiatives and will guide members through these complex processes - all while maintaining a close eye on the unique needs and goals of the districts.  Throughout the process, the firm serves as a trusted advisor to ensure the best interests of the districts are fully analyzed and protected.  The firm prides itself on its customer service abilities and works diligently to put district staff at ease.  Our main goal is to simplify the complications inherent to energy projects so that districts can focus on more pressing school matters.  

Gabel Associates is dedicated to the ACES program and works to ensure that members receive the full benefits offered through the program.

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