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ACES Membership




ACES members are hundreds of school districts just like yours who understand the need to competitively shop for energy products and services and have found ACES to the most cost effective and convenient way to manage their energy budgets.

ACES has allowed us to avoid the cumbersome and time consuming procurement process and, at the same time, take advantage of volume pricing with the other school districts in the state.  This has helped us keep our expenses in control and predictable, insulating us from the havoc that large fluctuations in energy prices can wreak on a carefully balanced budget. 

Adam Nasr, CFM, CEFM, SFP, LEED Green Assoc. – Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District

Through the ACESPlus program, our district is implementing an energy efficiency project that provides environmental and economic benefits.  This success could not have been achieved without the extraordinary support of Gabel Associates and the ACESPlus program. It provided a seamless, no hassle, and cost efficient path to achieve innovative sustainability goals.

Peter Daquila, School Business Administrator for the School District of the Chathams

Our district has done very well with ACES. We've been members for years but i have a lot of experience with public procurement. Believe me, ACES takes the headache out of energy bids and we save money.

School District
Business Administrator

The most immediate benefit of ACES to school districts ... is for the School District's Administration. The time and hassle saved by turning over the labor of procuring electricity and gas supply to a trusted expert in the industry is invaluable. ... I've been pleased to report to our School Board on many occasions that we've saved a significant amount of our budget, better than we would achieve on our own, using the ACES Program.

School District
Business Administrator

Why You Should Join ACEs


The energy marketplace is as complex and confusing as the stock market. Much like investing, there are ways to mitigate risk, to minimize spending hikes and to maximize savings. You need an expert to manage your budget like a portfolio, with short term goals and long term strategies. You need a partner for whom monitoring the energy marketplace is a full-time endeavor.


Retail electric rates have risen and fallen - but over time they are growing more complex. It's even more important to have an energy program that knows how to structure a procurement that both takes advantage of the purchase power of 400 districts and thousand accounts AND provides proportionate savings to all of the individual members. As BGS rates from the utility and their associated costs become more differentiated, such that average rates for individual accounts can vary widely, it's important to have a program that captures those differences and achieves the real cost reduction that your district seeks. Gabel Associates and the sponsoring partners of ACES are at the forefront of modeling the retail marketplace and protecting the interests of all our members equally, with proven results.


The consulting services offered through ACES Plus allows districts to access energy experts who can successfully navigate through the complex and intricate processes associated with renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.  This program helps solve the inherent problems that all districts face when considering sustainability initiatives by eliminating procurement hassles and the need for out-of-pocket expenses.


We understand that your district has options for purchasing it's retail energy supply: you may have a trusted consultant, an aggressive energy marketer or another purchase group offering its services. Here's why we believe ACES will serve you better.

ACES pioneered energy procurement more than 15 years ago. Our expertise ranges from wholesale commodity markets to public utilities to public procurement law to the regional natural gas pipelines and electricity grid RTO, PJM. We participate at every level of the energy industries, helping to guide policy and protect the interests of our clients with the legislature and other governing bodies. We manage many thousands of accounts from residential to commercial to industrial. Energy is our business every day, not just once a year.

When you sign up for ACES, you become part of a dynamic and responsive system, all working for you 365 days a year. You may not worry about your energy budget every day but we do. And we're there to take your calls and your emails, to answer questions, to resolve issues, to be your representative and to protect your interests with suppliers, utilities, and the ruling bodies that make decisions that affect you.


We have saved our members millions of dollars, mitigated market events that caused electricity and natural gas prices to soar and brought innovation to a marketplace that can be restrictive for the public sector. Many of the procurement procedures that are easier today than they were years before are that way because ACES and Gabel Associates, working cooperatively with the DCA, BPU and the utilities, sought to optimize the way schools buy energy supply services. We have given a voice to the smallest of districts that might not be heard as loudly as our larger communities; and we have taken the job of coordinating our largest, most diverse districts and made them manageable. ACES delivers and is accountable to it's members.

ACES also endeavors to keep its costs as low as possible. Because of the economies of scale, the ACES program costs are almost negligible to our members and are proportionate to your energy use. A portion of our proceeds go to improving public schools at the state level.

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