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ACES Program

Some background

The ACES Program encompasses a wide array of energy services to support our Member Districts.

The Alliance for Competitive Energy Services (or “ACES”) was created to save New Jersey schools time and money, to make procurement easier, and to provide an ongoing resource for school boards, business administrators and superintendents. The ACES program is sponsored by the NJSBA, the NJASBO and NJASA, ensuring that the program has individual school districts interests as the highest priority.  

Our History

The ACES program has been serving New Jersey school boards for over 15 years and has proved to be a ground-breaking initiative to support the educational community. At the program’s inception in 1999, ACES was focused on buying electricity through an aggregated approach to achieve group savings. Building on the success of the electricity aggregation program, a complementary natural gas procurement program was initiated in 2006.

What ACES Does

When it comes to buying energy, ACES capitalizes on the benefits of purchasing as a large and cohesive group. By purchasing energy as a group, it is more attractive to bidders, which helps maximize competition and savings. And by centralizing the administrative costs to a team of industry and public procurement experts, under the watchful eye of the program sponsors, the procurement program further lowers the cost of electric and natural gas procurement.


In 2014, NJASA and NJSBA expanded the ACES service offerings to include ACESplus - the next generation of cost savings strategies.  ACESplus facilitates the implementation of sustainability projects at schools, including renewable energy and energy efficiency.  The program provides objective advice to help districts navigate through the financial and technical issues related to the development of advanced energy projects.  This additional offering allows districts to make environmental leadership a reality by using an easy to access vehicle to obtain guidance from trusted energy specialists.  ACESplus presents a uniquely tailored and unbiased pathway that ensures each project is primed for success at the start.  

Why ACES is For You

No matter which offering a district chooses, all ACES programs have one overarching goal – to reduce energy bills at no “out-of-pocket” costs to districts!

Whether you want to buy energy or capitalize on a sustainability effort, the benefits of the ACES platform are simple.  The program succeeds at eliminating the cost and burden of complicated procurement processes and provides free access to established energy experts. This allows districts to implement projects quicker, and achieve savings sooner.

Choose the ACES team to be your trusted advisor and watch as the hassles associated with energy projects disappear!

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