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The ACESplus program provides expert consulting services to develop advanced energy projects

While the ACES energy buying program allows members to purchase electricity or natural gas at discounted rates, ACESplus provides members with convenient access to the expert consulting services they need to pursue solar energy, building efficiency, and other sustainable energy projects.  The program makes it possible to easily engage the experts needed for advanced clean energy projects by eliminating procurement burdens, while also avoiding out-of-pocket expense to the district.  Our consultants have specialized expertise and can provide step-by-step guidance through all phases of the project.   The ACESplus team will handle most of the project details, so your staff doesn’t have to – as a result, ACESplus makes these energy projects possible, resulting in reduced energy bills, lower carbon footprint, and numerous other benefits.

Recognizing that energy needs are not a “one size fits all,” ACESplus presents a fully customized and tailored approach based on the needs of each district.  There are typically two types of projects supported under the ACESplus program:  on-site solar electricity generation and energy efficiency building upgrades.  In both cases, ACESplus consultants assist the district with all project phases including: initial project assessments and opportunity sizing; development of a competitive request for proposal (RFP); management of the vendor evaluation and selection process; contract negotiations support after the award, and construction oversight.   Because ACESplus is part of the overall ACES Cooperative Purchasing Agreement, these expert services can be secured quickly and without procurement hassle.

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