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Gabel Associates in coordination with NJSBA, NJASA and NJASBO has managed and awarded a successful bid for electricity supply services with awards going to First Energy Solutions, Direct Energy and Hess Corporation. Members are expected to save on average 12% with some members saving as much as 20%.

"The range of savings is due to the current utility tariff structure for Basic Generation Service (BGS), the default supply service customers receive from the utility in lieu of a Third Party Supplier," said Bryan Hayward, the ACES Program's Lead Analyst. "But it's important to note that the ACES program benefits every participant. If your BGS rate is low, we bring it down as much as possible. If your BGS rate is high, our program will benefit you the most."

"ACES Members participating in the program for the last five years will have received savings of approximately 20% overall. These cost savings go a long way to helping our schools keep their costs under control which ultimately helps property taxes," Hayward added. The ACES program has been managing New Jersey school energy procurements since 1999, is the oldest program in New Jersey and is amongst the first the in the United States.

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